What we do

What we do

We are in the business of restoring automotive paintwork. Our speciality is the repair of scraped and scratched bumpers and panels. Car Clinic also undertake the correction of vandal damage, most of which we can repair to virtually original standards same day.

We also smarten up bumpers and bodywork in general if you are preparing your vehicle for sale, or for the end of a lease.

You may have noticed if you look at the photo pages that our standard of repairs is usually impressive. We use high quality materials that are compliant with environmental protection standards and we work only on the affected area without the need to spray-out an entire panel to achieve the required finish. This saves time and money in effecting a good car paintwork repair, and is less harmful to the environment.

You can rest assured that if your vehicle is say, a particular shade of grey, the paint we use to blend in the repair will be a match to the original, not something resembling it. Being a small local business we try very hard to offer a professional and friendly service, at competitive prices to bodyshops and our competition generally . We will Not attempt a repair unless we feel that you will be happy with the results! All car paint repairs are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months, with the exception of some rust treatment repairs which we would discuss with you prior to commencement.

We pride ourselves on a good reputation, and we have very many satisfied customers. You can find reviews on us at Yell.com and Google. Much of the work we carry out is as a result of recommendation and we also carry out work for motor dealerships and insurance companies.

We are happy to provide references if required. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we may be able to help you.


Greg has just repaired the damage I did after scraping my neighbour's car - it is as good as new and the same quality of job you would get in a garage, but at only a fraction of the cost (because I assume he is not paying rent on a…

PaulM-44, Don't go anywhere else!

fabulous service and trusted work truly 5 star! I was that impressed I've asked Greg to do the Porsche GT3RS too.. it's rare you find someone so trustworthy and reliable in such matters to restore any niggles in bodywork on your pride and joy!

Alison, A prompt and fabulous service on my new AMG GTR..

Very Warm Customer Service I was amazed at the warmth with which the Owner answered my call. He was happy to take a look at the photos I had before talking about bringing the car for checks on the cracked bumper. Other garages were so inflexible, they wouldn't even think twice…


I was devastated to find that my 3 month old pride and joy had been damaged whilst it was parked outside my house. There was a series of black scuffs down the passenger side and the trim of the wheel arches had also been scraped. Car Clinic quickly responded to…

Kayeffeff, Fantastic local service!

They did a really good repair on my car. Greg's paint match was spot-on. Car bumpers were messed up and scratched but now can't see where the damage was at all!

Josh Bourne